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Working Towards a Better Tomorrow


In addition to providing a safe space that is open during the hours kids are most at risk, the Boys & Girls Club of Phillips County (BGCPC) offers programs in FIVE CORE PROGRAM AREAS established through Boys and Girls Clubs of America:


1. Character and Leadership Development

2. Education and Career Development

3. Health & Life Skills

4. The Arts

5. Sports, Fitness, & Recreation



1. Character and Leadership Development: The Character and Leadership Development Core Program Area helps youth understand their democratic heritage, acquire skills for participating in the democratic process, and develop their leadership potential, and provides opportunities for planning, decision-making, contributing to Club and community, and celebrating national heritage. Some programs we have or will soon implement include:

Keystone Club – a leadership and community service group for members ages 14-18 that meets weekly, participates in the National Keystone. Awards Program and Regional and National Keystone Club Conferences

Torch Club – a leadership and community service group very similar to the Keystone Club, but for members age 11-13.

Peer Leaders – a program for older, exemplary Club members who get extra Boys & Girls Club training and run programs for younger members.

Junior Staff – leadership opportunity for promising younger members who are not old enough to be formally hired but can take on particular responsibilities to help run the Club.


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2. Education and Career Development: The Personal and Educational Development Core Program Area helps youth to prepare for their future, offers assistance in resolving personal crises, and provides opportunities for career exploration and educational enhancement. Some programs we have or will soon implement include:

Power Hour Program – a homework help and tutoring program that encourages, assists, and rewards members for making homework completion a priority.

Goals For Graduation – an academic goal-setting program that gets members excited about graduating from high school and going on to college.

Project Learn – an award-winning research-based deliberate social and recreational program that reinforces the learning members do at school by turning “play-time” into opportunities to develop cognitive skills.

Career Launch – a program that encourages members to assess their skills and interests, explore careers, make sound educational choices, and prepare for the ever-changing work force.



3. Health and Life Skills: The Health and Life Skills Program Area develops young people’s capacity to engage in positive activities that nurture their own well-being. Some programs we have or will soon implement include:

Smart Moves – a program that helps young people resist alcohol, tobacco and other drug use as well as premature sexual activity.

Cavity Free Zone – a program, sponsored by Crest, that teaches good oral hygiene and encourages members to practice it.

Passport to Manhood – a program that teaches young males responsibility and provides a healthy definition and example of manhood for them to adopt.

Smart Girls – a small-group health, fitness, prevention education, and self-esteem enhancement program for girls.



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4. The Arts: The Cultural Enrichment Core Program Area helps youth to enhance self-expression and creativity, develops multi-cultural appreciation, and provides exposure to and develops skills in crafts, visual arts, performing arts and literacy arts. Some programs we have or will soon implement include:

National Fine Arts Exhibit – a program through which Club members can submit their work for national display and competition between other Boys & Girls Clubs nationwide.

Digital Arts – a national BGCA program which includes MusicTech, WebTech, PhotoTech and other programs that enable Club members to develop valuable skills and opportunities for self-expression through music, photography, web page design and other means.



5. Sports, Fitness, and Recreation: The Sports, Fitness and Recreation Program Area helps youth achieve and maintain fitness, acquire a broad range of physical skills, develop a sense of teamwork, cooperation and fairness, and lead a healthy and active lifestyle. Some programs we have or will soon implement include:

Daily recreation programs – such as basketball, kickball, etc. .

Fitness Authority – a program that promotes fitness through fun and engaging activities. Triple Play – a program that teaches youth how to make healthier choices.

Daily gamesroom activities – such as ping-pong, pool, board games, etc. Gamesroom Tournaments – one of many ways to build excitement and a healthy sense of competition and success through play.

Field Trips – opportunities to broaden the members’ horizons.

Special Events recognizing annual holidays – events such as Halloween Trick-or-Treat at the Club, participation in community Christmas parade, family events at holidays, and so on.

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